Parish Council

Matt Adams - Since 2019

Caitlin Brand - Since 2019


Jim Bufka - Since 2020

Mark Cutler - Since 2020

Tim Mikko - Since 2018

Kevin Miller - Since 2018


Desiree Mraz - Since 2020

Lauren Oestricker - Since 2018

Peter Ostlund - Since 2019

Barb Perez - Since 2020

Jennifer Stark - Since 2018

Mark Zeller - Since 2020





The Parish Council consists of Parishioners, elected or appointed for a three (3) year term, and parish clergy and staff members.  The mandate of the council is to advise the pastor on matters concerning parish life , implement the strategic plan for parish growth and renewal, and oversee the work of the adjunct commissions of the council that carry out the financial, spiritual, educational and social programs of the parish.

For Parish Council members' phone numbers please see the Parish Guide Book and Directory.

Parish staff that are Parish Council members: Fr. Dennis Schmidt, Deacon Tom Gerling, Deacon Paul Turek, John Bonsanti, Terry Ostlund and Jan Schultheiss.  To contact these members please see the STAFF page.